Welcome to the website of Café Wildschut

Wildschut is a well-known name, everybody knows Café Wildschut, even if they don’t exactly know where it is located: “somewhere in the South area, right?”. Yes! To be precise: “since time immemorial” Wildschut can be found on the Roelof Hart Square, right in between the Concert building and museums, shopping area of the Van Baerlestraat, Beethovenstraat and Ceintuurbaan, and at a stone throw from the Zuidas (South Axis) and the city centre. Truly a top location!

The timeless, well maintained and, at the end of 2016, completely refurbished interior, the fantastic view through the enormous windows and the terrace with sun from the time it opens until late at night, which makes it all even prettier.

On top of that the exquisite service and for the South area very reasonable prices, no wonder Wildschut, as one of the first “grand cafes” of Amsterdam, is an evergreen. And same goes for the locals, shoppers, publicity agents, lawyers, students, visitors to the theatre and tourists. Did we forget anyone? You are more than welcome!

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